OFRW President Message January 2016


Meet Jan Williamson

OFRW - President 2016-2017



Welcome to the Oregon Federation of Republican Women (OFRW).  I’m proud and excited to be leading the top organization for like-minded conservative women in Oregon and the oldest, (organization, not the women) in Oregon. Thank you for putting your trust in me.  All our ladies are anxious for what this election year has in store; how we can help; where we can be of service to defend freedom.   We want everyone to feel at home, comfortable, happy and at ease with the fun things we have to do as well as the work.

The Oregon Republican Women actually started in 1935, three years before the National Federation of Republican Women started and we became “Federated”.  As hard-workers, (almost 600 strong), we have become known as the major grassroots supporters of Republican candidates, educators, defenders of freedom and supporters of organized Republican Parties, county, state and federal.  Membership here brings Party loyalty.  Last year the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) started the “NFRW PAC” to facilitate helping Republican Women gain elected office.  You may donate directly at: (703)548-9688 or cady@nfrw.org.


At the 38th NFRW Biennial Convention in Phoenix – 2015, two of our clubs, Coos Co. and Jackson Co., won “DIAMOND” Achievement Awards.  We are very proud of them!  Eleven other OFRW clubs won Awards.  Our top Volunteer for 2013-2015 was Ruth Brodman of Jackson County RW.


 I would like to see us considered a “well-oiled machine”, so when candidates start campaigning they can make a phone call and set in motion a whole series of actions that will ensure success for their event.  We have the knowledge, experience, excitement, tools, and woman power to get things done!  We will soon start conference calls on a regular basis to keep all clubs and members up-to-date on training, tools, events, candidates, where to find resources and whatever else comes up.  There is something to do for everyone and some things have added benefits like tickets to get into a County or State Fair.  It may mean access to a Presidential Candidate, who knows.  Come on along; help us increase our membership and fight for freedom.

 “Cowgirl Up, Freedom IS a Big Deal”

Jan Williamson

OFRW President, 2016-17

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